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I'm Jack and I'm slightly obsessed with recording things - notebooks, diaries, lists and photographs, HUNDREDS of photographs. So I suppose blogging combines my love of all things recordable. 

We live far from home, in a city which has also become our home, and here you'll find us me, Jamie and our two wee girls, after whom this blog was nicknamed.


Because I know that one day I will forget the gap between Molly's teeth and the day that Maisy started nursery. This will help me to remember those little moments.


 We live very far away from our families, and this way our people can still visit us every day to find out what we've been up to, and they can be involved in the girl's lives as they grow up. 


Because I get to take lots of photographs and practise the skills essential for my other job.


You can also find me over here at

Firsthand Photography, 

(where yes, I get to take even more PHOTOGRAPHS!)